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Epic Academics of Schaumburg

Epic Academics of Schaumburg

Get Accepted to Your Top College

Epic Academics of Schaumburg creates personalized tutoring programs, test prep, and college admissions help, to give students the absolute best chance at college acceptance. Epic Academics students of Schaumburg have gotten admission to many top ranking colleges such as Harvard Princeton, and more – message us to learn how they achieved such amazing college acceptance results!

Customized SAT & ACT Prep

Epic Academics of Schaumburg give personalized test prep programs to students of all grades & skill levels. Whether a young teen needs help with the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT subject tests, or AP exams, Epic Academics brings results! All of our SAT & ACT prep staff score at the top percentages for each test, so our students know that they are receiving the absolute best support they can.

Schaumburg Tutoring

Our expert tutors can assist students with everything from comprehension to chemistry. Epic Academics customized tutoring programs bring a personalized learning environment with hyper-focused attention from our expert tutors. We develop fully personalized programs designed to build on academic strengths while addressing areas of improvement.

College Admissions Help with Epic Academics

Epic Academics of Schaumburg’s staff are the ready to make your college application shine. Whether you need a coach to assist in planning or some close guidance on your college application essay, our team is here to help you.

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