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Elementary School Tutoring & Middle School Preparation

Roadmap to Success

When you think of college prep, most people don’t think of starting in elementary school. Much like the domino effect of life, starting at an earlier age can make a huge impact for a child’s future. Starting tutoring at the elementary level lays the roadwork for:

Developing Excellent Study Habits
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
Gaining Confidence & Motivation
Improving Organizational Skills

Elementary School Tutoring

Elementary school reading, writing, math, and science is all about laying the foundation of skills that your student will use for later learning. Having this foundation at the beginning, at elementary school, can be the major factor for future success. Some of these subjects might not come easily to every student, which can be frustrating, lead to falling behind, or possibly disliking the subjects all together. Epic Academics can help build and solidify this foundation for your student, helping them view these subjects as an exciting challenge and gain the confidence he/she needs to succeed. Epic Academics covers the following subjects:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Study Skills
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Middle School Preparation

Every year thousands of students participate in aptitude and performance tests. We help students gain the principal academic and test-taking skills needed to perform well on these exams. Our personalized programs create the ideal environment to help your student get the results they need. Epic provides test prep for a variety of exams such as:

  • PARCC Test
  • MAP Test
  • CogAT
  • Teranova Test

Experienced Tutors

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